Introv x NetSuite

Digital Transformation for
Property Leasing Management

Flexible platform to centralises and synchronises all data and workflows to address current leasing business needs and improve internal efficiency



Lots of tedious and time-consuming manual tasks

Unable to handle the market changes (e.g. early termination / rental fee reduction / government subsidies) rapidly

Complicated flow for short term lease

Inefficient leasing operations and over dependency on spreadsheets

Poor transaction execution and contract management

How Introv Leasing Management Solution Can Help?

1. Modern & Flexible System

World class cloud-based solution

Standardised by the best practices for leasing management lifecycle

Suitable for commercial, residential and retail lease management

Flexible for both long term and short term rental (e.g. popup store)

Extensibility for both pre-leasing and post leasing process with CRM solution

Secured API for external integration

Easy to setup a single or multi-level workflow

2. Streamline with Automation

Automatically send monthly statements to tenants including basic rental fee, management fee, government rate and other surcharges

Reminder for overdue payments

Monthly payment forecast

3. Global Financial Compliance

Support multi-subsidiaries and countries in single platform

Auto general ledger impact

Revenue recognition rule for leasing

Real-time financial consolidation reports

4. Real-time Visibility in your Business Operations

Tenant 360 with corresponding current/expired lease contracts, activities

Property 360 with corresponding current/expired lease contracts, tenants and occupied/vacant spaces

Calendar booking view for short term rental

Key performance index such as occupancy rate by property, trade mix analysis for retail


Increase operational efficiency by centralising all data and workflows

Reducing paper-handling time & duplicate data entry while tenant satisfaction can be guaranteed

Real-time visibility and traceability, such as allowing leases tracking & occupation in an efficient way to reduce operational cost

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