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Through our partnership with MuleSoft, we together enrich the experience in API integration to help organizations create new business channels & opportunities, offer better customer experiences, and improve business operation processes through API-led connectivity

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Whitepaper: MuleSoft and Salesforce Service Cloud

Whitepaper: MuleSoft and Salesforce Service Cloud

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Whitepaper: Building a Single Customer View Using APIs

Whitepaper: Building a Single Customer View Using APIs

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Whitepaper: How to Articulate the Value of Integration

Whitepaper: How to Articulate the Value of Integration

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MuleSoft’s 2020 Connectivity Benchmark Report

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Introv together with MuleSoft
bring the world’s top connectivity tool -
Anypoint Platform that helps launch applications 3x faster, increase productivity by 300%, and get a 445% ROI.


Anypoint Platform for Data Integration

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Increase developer productivity

The power of DataWeave and Anypoint Templates combine to drive unparalleled productivity and faster time to market

Digital transformation is a top priority for many organizations. Over half (85%) of IT leaders report integration challenges are hindering their digital transformation efforts. 73% of organizations are expecting a negative impact on revenue if digital transformation initiatives are not completed in the next 12 months.more

This year, the average organization runs on nearly 900 systems, but only 28% of those are fully integrated. The addition of new technology investments such as security, big data and analytics, multi-cloud strategy, and AI/machine learning will only add to the demands on IT. With IT teams spending 69% of their time keeping the lights on, it’s no wonder innovation remains low. Get a Free Consultation

Unify application and data integration

Anypoint Platform doesn’t differentiate between application and data integration; data can flow seamlessly across system

To turn digital transformation into reality, organizations are zeroing in on integration via APIs to address data silos. In fact, 60% of IT leaders report integration via APIs is critical to their digital transformation strategy. more

When IT leaders adopt an API-led approach to integration, they can easily have a full picture on the path to digital transformation. By using APIs to expose every application, data, or device, organizations are able to take a more agile, flexible approach to digital transformation. It can also help to increase productivity, innovation and complete all or nearly all projects on time. Get a Free Consultation

Ensure high performance

Built on the Mule runtime engine, DataWeave delivers up to 5x performance against comparable approaches

API strategies accelerate digital transformation

While the vast majority of organizations have adopted public and/or private APIs (80%), more than half (54%) are in the early stages of development and implement APIs on a project-by-project basis or set API strategies in discrete parts of the business.more

Companies with an API strategy are more likely to complete projects on time, achieve higher rates of innovation, increase productivity, save costs, and turn APIs into a new revenue stream. Get a Free Consultation

Leadership-mandated API strategies: rare, but highly effective

While an API strategy is critical to driving productivity, innovation, and revenue, data shows that having a leadership-mandated strategy produces the greatest results.more

Although only 12% of organizations have a leadership-mandated API strategy, those that do are 36% more productive than their counterparts. They also report higher rates of employee engagement (56%), better citizen integrator enablement (42%), and realize 64% more revenue.

The challenge now for IT leaders is to capture executive engagement for what has traditionally been perceived as an IT-only strategy. With executives on board, the road to digital transformation is clear.

Organizations that prioritize a company-wide, mandated strategy are building a business that is ready for change, with the foundation to act upon technology and market trends at scale. Get a Free Consultation

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