IntrovCDPCustomer Data Platform

One hub for every data source

Create a 360-degree View of Customers

Market with Precision and Efficiency

Orchestrate Seamless Customer Journey

Achieve Operational Efficiency

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Customer Data Platform
Customer profile Customer profiles Customer profile

Build unified customer profiles for timely and relevant actions

CDP is the leading marketer-managed system that centralises customer data from all sources and creates a unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. Connect fragmented customer data and orchestrate your campaigns to serve your individual customers with the content they want across every channel, touchpoint and vendor in your entire digital ecosystem.


The Benefits of CDP

Create a 360-degree View of Customers

Recognise visitors across devices

Create audience profile in the moment

Connect customer data from all touchpoint

Understand customers across device and offline

Market with Precision and Efficiency

Build valuable interactions with customers

Serve customers in channels they prefer

Trigger real-time action with marketing tools

Increase conversion rate

Orchestrate Seamless Customer Journey

Customise rules across segments

Generate personalised experiences

Deliver exactly what a consumer cares about

Optimise marketing spend

Achieve Operational Efficiency

Collect data from everywhere you want

Enrich customer profiles continuously

Democratise data across departments


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Forever Couple
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