IntrovData ManagementIntegration, Quality, Compliance, Security

Optimise and manage data strategically at each stage of its lifecycle, from creation to retirement.

Quality & Clean Data

Enhance Compliance & Greater Security

Increase Organisation’s Efficiency

Enhance Customer Engagement & Loyalty

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Data Management

Manage your data as a valuable resource!

In today’s big data world, data management is becoming a critical issue for businesses. It needs to align with the company’s business strategy with a clear idea of what data the company requires in order to achieve the business goals

Introv’s Data Management solutions provide your organisation unlimited access to resources: wait no more, be the leader on your market.

Hybrid Data Management

  • Intelligent Cloud Services: Cloud Data Integration & Cloud Application Integration & Intelligent APIs
  • Intelligent Data Quality
  • Data Governance & Compliance
  • Intelligent Master Data Management
Big Data Floating

The Benefits of Data Management

Drive Operational Nimbleness & Accurate Decisions with Quality, Clean Data

Easy for companies to respond quickly to market changes, fast moving market trends and take appropriate actions

Ensure all employees use the same, most recent & accurate information for making the most accurate decisions

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Enhance Compliance & Greater Security

Gain greater transparency of business processes and governance

Make sure your data comply with all regulations

Ensure all information stays secure and protect them from various data loss, theft and attacks

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Increase Organisation’s Efficiency

Simplify business processes and make them faster

Reduce time & resources spent on data collection & analysis

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Enhance Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Gain better insights about customer’s behaviour, attitude and requirements to tailor products & services for customers and personalise their interactions

Co-relating customer data & behaviour across different systems & channels

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