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Businesses today are multi-faceted, with many moving parts. It should come to no surprise that they need to constantly keep up with the changing faces of technology. At Introv, we don’t see this as a challenge, rather an opportunity for business leaders not only flourish but also to diversify and grow whilst riding the technology wave.

We offer you the world’s leading CRM platform and together, you can faster realise business process improvements and benefits that will truly unlock your organisation’s true potential. Our consultants will help you better plan and coordinate customer-focused activities more easily, and account data and activity can be updated in real time and by doing so streamline processes and gain valuable business insights.

CRM is trusted and used by 100,000+ organisations worldwide. Users saw a 44% increase in leads and 37% increase in revenue



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THE BEAUTY OF CRM A unique personalised customer’s experience builds loyalty

01 The best customer experience starts at the enquiry stage

Sell smarter, not harder

From forecasting market trends, predicting customer behaviour and patterns to identifyingmore new opportunities and portfolio management, we are here to help provide a comprehensive 360-degree overview of your business with the world’s top AI application.

Generate & nurture leads

Optimising your lead-nurturing processes will always enable your business to generatemore more sales-ready leads at lower cost. Keep track of the effectiveness of your marketing strategy & communication efforts with cleaner & improved data.

Target-marketing, tailor-made solutions and personalized customer experience are the keys to your business’ sustainable growth, which is why Introv supports you with the best insights to optimise your CRM strategy & processes for more impactful operations.

Close deals faster

Provide the right answer, at the right time! Each business function shouldn’t operate in silosmore and that is why you need the right marketing automation platform. Produce high-level RFPs more efficiently, all the while keeping track of your sales pipeline.

Automate your leads into sales by keeping them healthy and set up alerts and notifications for when your prospects are ready to buy, ensuring you are ready in waiting to close the deal.

02 Optimise your customer acquisition & retention processes

Deliver first class service

People appreciate personal services. Introv’s efficient and intuitive solutions enable your businessmore to provide personalised customer service with timely follow-up. Our CRM helps you stay close to your customers and to further develop relationships and demonstrate your expertise.

Shoot for the stars and aim at exceeding customer expectations - the success factors to boost customer satisfaction & retention.

70% of the customer’s journey is completed before initial contact

How? Customers are much savvier these days, they will research online, read reviews, ask their friendsmore, peers, before they commit to purchase. How you address you follow-up enquiries – is it done in a timely, informative, friendly manner?

Each stage of the customer journey is essential. Our CRM allows you to personalise your approach to reaching out to your customers at the right moments with the right messages and to make your customer feel like your brand cares about them and understands them.

Upgrade your knowledge & data management

Let us modernise and centralise all your business data, so you can focus on growing your business.more When you centralise business data for reporting purposes, you can track and respond to pertinent information as they occur.

You can be assured that you are only paying attention to the right data for your business at the right time. Interdepartmental teams will always be kept in the loop which in turn will help your business provide faster and better customer service.

03 Knowledge is power! Maximise the value &
application of your knowledge in a time-efficient way

Reduce search time

Research shows that employees spend more time searching for customer informationmore than doing actual work. And in some case, employees may inadvertently or purposefully hold important information locally on his/her computer.

Improve team stickiness and cohesion by implementing a centralised data management system with CRM, which will prevent any stumbling blocks from happening.

Tap into your business insights & deliver first-rate customer experience

Improve the way your business collects, analyses, shares and uses customer data.more When you employ smart knowledge management practices, it ensures that you deliver a faster, more positive and personalised customer experience.

Our solutions can help centralise vast amount of data from a variety of channels; which will allow you to enhance your customer’s overall experience while maximising the use of all available information and preventing data losses.

Secure real-time & mobile access to information

Don’t let big data overwhelm your business. Your customer database is always changing.more Centralising market data and customer insights with a real-time, intuitive and mobile access to information is essential for your teams to build upon the shared knowledge and to provide the best answers to customers.

Work smarter, not harder by centralising your database with one single powerful solution. We are here to help revolutionise the daily operations of your teams by standardising and facilitating the access-to-data process, which will ultimately enhance the customer experience your business delivers.

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“Now we have a single way of communicating information across the company, having transparency over our purchase orders, our products, our transactions and how the Company is performing at any given point in time.”

“We have different subsidiaries across the world but the main office is in Hong Kong, so most of the operations are running in Hong Kong or also for other subsidiaries. [NetSuite] One-World really helps us out a lot.”

“There’s a saying as ‘Change or Die’. We felt we were a few generations behind where a lot of our peers were. And from the beginning of the process Introv was there to support us and help us with this kind of conversion to this new platform.”

“After adopting this ERP system our efficiency has improved. The time saved is essential for us, especially in regards to our company development.”

“We chose Introv because we wanted to develop unique apps specifically designed for our company and industry. We realised that [introv] had vast amounts of knowledge and experience, that would enable our company to grow. Very much like a one-stop-shop, they offered total solutions, and were able to solve problems instantly.”

“What we needed was a comprehensive system for data processing which was capable of integrating  data without causing confusion amongst the team. This was the main reason as to why we adopted the ERP and CRM system. We were looking for higher efficiency and a systematic process.”

“We chose Introv because their cloud services is very flexible. Also due to the fact that our marketing model is pretty much different from 95% of the industry out there, we needed a company that could offer us a tailor made system, that fit our needs.”

“We finally picked Introv because they seemed to be professional enough and they had a good track record in the industry, as well as knowledgeable skills and consultants that could help us, lead us through the way.”




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