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Big Data has revolutionised the way business compete and operate. The way how businesses effectively handle Big Data has become a key strategy in outperforming peers - the key factor of success in all industries.

Introv builds on its expertise and certified partners network to provide your organisation with world’s top solutions that satisfy your demand for depth of knowledge & efficient ways of optimising the value of Big Data. We strive to help you make the most of big data while reducing its storage & management complexity - along with with analytics, cloud-based technologies, digitalisation, multi-channel dynamics & data visualisation.

To succeed you must grow. The key to your business’s success and future growth could lie within the data you already have. At Introv, we make big data work for you, the right way. It is time to let your data speak to you in ways you never imagined.

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THE POTENTIAL OF BIG DATA Place data at the heart of your business strategy for today & tomorrow

01 Be the leader in your industry

Anticipate & drive leadership innovation in your field

Utilise big data to gain access to invaluable real-time business insights, allowing you to bettermore adapt to ever-changing, fast moving market trends and customer behaviours.

Anticipate new market demands and trends with big data and give yourself the competitive edge by keeping your ear to the ground. Introv's Big Data management solutions provide your organization unlimited access to resources: wait no more, be the leader on your market.

Achieve better visibility & time efficiency by optimising your data

We offer a truly intuitive, scalable business intelligence tool to the market, where you canmore easily drag and drop to create visualisations, and share with a click. For all your BI and analytics needs, we offer the gold standard BI tool, which was also named leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the fifth consecutive year. So, let the team enable a data process in your business so you can better leverage what your data can do for you.

02 Big Data is revolutionising the way you market to your customers

Uncover your business’s full potential & create value for customers

When it comes to planning your marketing strategies, big data can help generate detailed highlights ofmore your customers. Discover and target your audience with key precision, and create high value experience your customers will appreciate. Introv's market leading solution for big data management enables businesses, big or small to make the most out of their data.

Big data is changing the way businesses compete

Leverage big data to cover more strategic questions about long-term customer retention, loyalty, andmore relationships. We will show you how to utilise the full potential of big data -not only will you be able to predict the next transaction, you’ll also gain invaluable insights to the customer’s life-time value.

We make your data work for you because when you use your data differently, you can create value and better target customers by anticipating their demands.

03 For today and tomorrow, place big data at the heart of your business strategy

Combine & optimise Big Data & analytics to achieve business success

Take advantage of this high-performance analytics tool and do things you nevermore thought possible because you thought your data was just too big. Let us introduce you to a tool that will allow you access real-time insights that will allow you to make fast and strategic decisions on fleeting opportunities, get precise answers to solve sensitive issues, and uncover new growth opportunities!

Leverage data mining and deliver great customer service

We can help you mine large amounts of data in an efficient manner and can identifymore and strengthen your ability to gauge with your customer’s expectations. In today’s customer focused environment, it is essential that you continue to anticipate, deliver and measure your customer satisfaction levels, and we have just the right tool for you.

Not only can you optimise your data to help deliver current products to the market more efficiently, but you can also use the data to identify new opportunities for your business. The use of big data is so versatile, it can also help achieve your business goals, streamline your operational process and reduce your costs, and excel and deliver better customer experience and so much more!

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“Now we have a single way of communicating information across the company, having transparency over our purchase orders, our products, our transactions and how the Company is performing at any given point in time.”

“We have different subsidiaries across the world but the main office is in Hong Kong, so most of the operations are running in Hong Kong or also for other subsidiaries. [NetSuite] One-World really helps us out a lot.”

“There’s a saying as ‘Change or Die’. We felt we were a few generations behind where a lot of our peers were. And from the beginning of the process Introv was there to support us and help us with this kind of conversion to this new platform.”

“After adopting this ERP system our efficiency has improved. The time saved is essential for us, especially in regards to our company development.”

“We chose Introv because we wanted to develop unique apps specifically designed for our company and industry. We realised that [introv] had vast amounts of knowledge and experience, that would enable our company to grow. Very much like a one-stop-shop, they offered total solutions, and were able to solve problems instantly.”

“What we needed was a comprehensive system for data processing which was capable of integrating  data without causing confusion amongst the team. This was the main reason as to why we adopted the ERP and CRM system. We were looking for higher efficiency and a systematic process.”

“We chose Introv because their cloud services is very flexible. Also due to the fact that our marketing model is pretty much different from 95% of the industry out there, we needed a company that could offer us a tailor made system, that fit our needs.”

“We finally picked Introv because they seemed to be professional enough and they had a good track record in the industry, as well as knowledgeable skills and consultants that could help us, lead us through the way.”




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