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Your process is as important as your products

Your retail brand is not just about your products, but the entire customer experience. Personalised service, lineless store experiences, streamlined check-out processes all contribute to your retail brand.

Introv’s POS allows retailers to deliver a smart shopping experience to customers by driving in-store engagement and simplifying day-to-day business operations. It offers retailers not only flexibility when processing daily transactions, but also accuracy by integrating business processes.


The Benefits of POS

Happy Customer

If selling products is the heart of your business, then a smart POS system should be the backbone.

In-Store Sales View Ease-To-Use In-Store Sales View

Accessible by multiple devices

Support instant order, invoice and quotation search

Generate accurate sales summary reports

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Sales Fueling Sales Profitability

Capture 360-degree shopper insights

Personalize interactions and overall shopping experience

Increase share of wallet by promotions and loyalty programs

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In-Store Sales View Keeping Your Customers Happy

Boost customer engagement by intelligently apply membership and top-up discount

Simplify Checkout Process

Support Multi-Payment with Printed Invoice and Receipt

Securely Encrypt Customer Bank Data

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In-Store Sales View Real-Time Inventory Management

Support Instant inventory search with barcode scanning

Synchronise ecommerce and instore sales with back-end supply chain

Support Smart Delivery Scheduling

Automate Store Replenishment

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