sRetail(Shopper-first store management)

Turn Shoppers into Buyers with sRetail

understanding your
customers the smart way


improve the overall shopping
experience digital shopping journey

sRetail is a shopper-first store management tool designed to help you manage your retail business more efficiently. It is the perfect solution if you are looking to build better relationships with your customers and to improve the overall shopping experience through an ease and digital shopping journey.


01 Shoppers 360

Functions & Features:

Capture shopper information, buying habits and behaviours

Personalise interactions and the overall shopping experience

Tap into invaluable data and increase share of wallet


Shopper Profile



Omni-Channel Services

Loyalty Program

02 Unified Retail Sales

Functions & Features:

One unified sales and product management solution

Automate store replenishment

Automate demand and supply


Product Management

Sales Order and Invoices

03 Real-time business insights and analytics

Functions & Features:

Generate and analyse reports on shoppers and products

Analytical insights/discovery on RFM, GM, etc.

Stay Competitive


Self-service Reports

Big Data Analytics

04 Employee Management

Functions & Features:

Manage shift patterns, leave and sick requests more efficiently

Improve shopper engagement (i.e. sales events)



Shift Management

Leave Management

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