Blue Box International Limited

About Blue Box

Founded in 1952, the company designs, manufactures and markets toys. It offers electronic toys and collectibles for infants and preschool children.


  • Lacked a centralised customer profile database. Information on customer’s profile were poorly kept/not been recorded, from; buying history/habits, feedback status, product selection, and sales, making it difficult to understand customer’s needs
  • Inefficient sales management: lacked a platform to help fully support the sales team
  • Inefficient marketing campaign ROI measurement: measuring ROI of marketing event proved difficult, as sales and marketing were not connected on same database

Project Goal

  • To become a truly customer focused company

Results & Benefits

  • Access to insightful information: information such as buying habits and customer needs and wants helped the sales team close more deals faster, and enhance the customer’s overall experience
  • Enhanced visibility for better planning: the CRM system enabled management to monitor sales statuses across different regions automatically. With real-time analysis, the management team can make better, more informed decisions with their data
  • Higher market competitiveness: the CRM system improved visibility on campaign effectiveness, allowing the company to target customers according to their needs and demands
  • Effective communication and higher customer satisfaction: Customers can reach sales and products through social media platforms anytime, anywhere. With Introv, Blue Box became ‘a true customer company’