China Asset Management (HK) Limited

About China Asset Management (HK) Limited

Established in 1998, ChinaAMC is a fund management company that provides domestic and overseas investors with high-quality investment products and services. Headquartered out of Beijing, ChinaAMC also has branches in Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu and subsidiaries in Hong Kong

Company Mission

  • To provide domestic and overseas investors with high-quality investment products and services


  • Customers ‘data are on sales’ own hand, no standardise format or a place for sharing when needed
  • Have no instant data related to their fund products, for example, number of products are selling currently, sales performance from their partners and their own sales, and etc.

Results & Benefits

  • ChinaAMC now operate one centralised platform. All customer data is stored on the platform
  • Sales performance can be monitored more effectively
  • Management decision making process can be made real-time
  • Decisions can now be made more strategically and accurately
  • All interactions are now recorded and organised on the platform. Sales efficiency has improved
  • Can closely monitor the sales performance of channel partners and banks
  • Can now identify the key partners more easily and take some improvement actions towards low performing partners




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