Fiducia Management Consultants

About Fiducia Management Consultants

Fiducia Management Consultants is a top management consultancy company based in Hong Kong. They support and help clients set up, establish, and grow their business in Hong Kong as well as China, by offering services such as book-keeping, offering tax and payroll advice

Company Mission

  • Help clients in achieving their goals by offering them high quality services


  • Information was not being shared across multiple teams – making it hard to track customer interaction
  • Teams working on different systems within their businesses, are not providing enough support to interact with customers
  • Without a clear and open system, it was difficult to track the success of marketing campaigns

Project Goal

  • Become a customer centric company

Results & Benefits

  • Fiducia enhanced team co-operation with CRM. The platform enabled them to share client information with each other
  • Internal communication improved with one client centric system
  • The team now interact with clients in a more proactive way




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