GMO Click Hong Kong Limited

“We want to accelerate business growth with It is the best solution on the market to help achieve our business success, while Introv provides the best consultancy advice for the business challenges I face every day.”

Jeremy Tang, COO, GMO Click Hong Kong Limited

About GMO CLICK Hong Kong Limited

GMO Click delivers the industry’s top quality service to customers from all walks of life, from beginners to professional day traders

  • Affiliated company of GMO CLICK Securities, Inc. which is the largest online financial services provider in Japan

Project Goals

  • Look for better customer satisfaction
  • Be flexible enough to align with current and future business growth
  • Make instant decision to compete among the market
  • Improve team collaboration and information sharing


Deployed Introv Solution (powered by Salesforce.comService Cloud) for:

  • Account and contact management
  • Lead management
  • Activities Management
  • Case & Solution Management
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • System Administrative & Security Control Setting

Results & Benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction by centralising and enhancing customer profiling
  • Accelerated team collaboration and information sharing by building up secure collaborative channel; users are spending on serving customers
  • Improved market competitiveness by supporting real-time analysis and management of business performance
  • Enabled flexibility in supporting business operation in align with timely business strategies
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of users by supporting mobile devices




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