Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Business School

HKUST attracts global talents with Introv & Salesforce

Established in 1991, HKUST Business School has been ranked amongst the top business schools in Asia and Australia, in the global rankings MBA since 2001.

In today’s world of constant change, the ability to innovate has become a dominate driver for success, and as a result, Higher Education has become a more competitive business.

Company Missions

  • To advance research and knowledge
  • Attract and disseminate information about the MBA program to students from all over the world
  • To grow the program and be more competitive


  • Home-grown enterprise solutions were not flexible enough to meet the needs of educational environment. Separate systems used by the marketing and admissions team led to disproportionate use of resources and time
  • Hard to centralise and follow-up on information collected about student applications from all over the world
  • Various manual admissions processes kept the team from moving forward to other new developments and opportunities

Results & Benefits

  • With a new CRM platform in place, HKUST transformed their entire work flow process. The new platform enabled staff to search for relevant information needed – all on one CRM platform
  • The system provided more flexibility and gave a clearer picture of resource allocation for future planning purposes
  • Time spent on system testing was reduced
  • By leveraging information and system capabilities [of CRM], HKUST now use their student database more efficiently and effectively; by targeting prospective students and talent from all over the world




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