Lamex Trading Co. Limited

About Lamex

Founded in 1977, Lamex is the second largest office furniture company in the world. The company offer a full range of office space solutions, with showrooms and sales offices in major markets including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Company Mission

  • To pioneer in design, manufacturing, and distribution of workspace solutions
  • To create environments that are stimulating, productive and satisfying


  • Lacked an end-to-end platform for lead and project management between departments
  • Indirect access to sales and account information in ERP
  • Weekly funnel updates and analysis performed using multiple applications
  • Limited mobile capability on funnel management while salespeople travelled

Results & Benefits

  • With CRM, Lamex enhanced their entire sales management process by streamlining workflow. Pertinent information could be stored on one centralised platform, available and accessible anywhere, on any device by authorised users





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