About Nagase(Hong Kong) Limited

Established in 1971, the company trades in chemicals, general purpose plastics to high performance engineering plastic resins, raw materials for electronics components, moulding machinery, and medical and healthcare products. The company markets its products worldwide

Company Mission

  • To respond and serve customers quickly and accurately


  • Important information; customer database; quotations, new business development leads were all managed on different systems – and as a result the company could not fully utilise on-hand data to analyse business and market trends
  • The approval for pricing, stock planning, and shipments was done either verbally or by email – which is less efficient and very time-consuming, also human errors may occur
  • Sales (staff) activities could not be managed effectively. A salesperson’s schedule, and a sales report needed to be filled in after returning to the office

Project Goal

  • To incorporate technology to facilitate and enhance the business

Results & Benefits

  • The project was implemented and executed in just 20 days. With our quick implementation, Nagase could adopt the new system in the absence of additional manpower and time, and were able to place more focus on other areas of the business – to serve customers better
  • The sales team can now log customer activity into the centralised platform at anytime, anywhere, with any device
  • Mobility helped increase accuracy of information and help improve efficiency
  • Better sales forecasting and instant actions can now be made as the Head of Sales can now view all the sales activities in real-time. All essential information can be accessed on one single platform instead
  • With an accurate sales performance report, management are now able to implement a more strategic and developmental plan for business growth
  • Internal work processes and communication have improved. Staff no longer need to ask for approval one-by-one as the system will alert the authorising person when the time comes by sending a pop up message




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