Spectra Technologies Holdings Co. Limited

About Spectra Technologies

Founded in 1993, Spectra Technologies is one of the leaders in design and development of electronic transaction solutions in Greater China. Spectra Technologies pioneer hardware and software and have won top honours at various award ceremonies

Company Mission

  • To design and develop future-ready technologies and solutions
  • To provide customers with pioneering and value-added services


  • Excel was used to record all customer information and related activities. A very time consuming and mundane process
  • No statistical way to qualify or prioritise customers with the current way they recorded their data. This process impacted the win rate, as huge amounts of time would be spent on a lead that ended up being unqualified
  • Head of Sales did not have full visibility into performance of each team member, so it was very hard for them to have a clear picture on the actual business situation, for example, sales pipelines
  • It often took a lot of time for sales managers to generate a report for management. This proved difficult, as the reports were not available immediately, and so action with sales & business planning would be delayed

Results & Benefits

  • The project was deployed executed very quickly – in just 6 days. With our quick implementation, Spectra Technologies can now focus on their main business objectives
  • With lead scoring, the lead handling process has been improved and sales can focus more on customers who are more valuable to their business. Head of Sales and his/her team can take immediate action to improve the sales performance
  • A clear report and a specific dashboard can be generated in just a few clicks, so Head of Sales and management can now easily view the real-time business performance whenever they wish
  • Purchase order and quotation formats have been standardised




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