Established in 1987, the Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association promotes and protects the interests of the venture capital industry in Hong Kong

Company Mission

  • To stimulate a vibrant venture capital and the private equity industry in Asia while promoting the role of member firms in value creation, innovation and economic development via different networking and experience sharing events & forums


  • HKVCA hosts around 50 membership engagement events annually – for 6,000 members. Their database did not have the capacity to serve members, especially when membership numbers continued to grow over the past three years (up by 50%)
  • HKVCA would manually input member information into system whenever they received any event registrants or invoices via email, phone call or fax, which was very time consuming and tedious task, as well as a waste of resources

Results & Benefits

  • With the CRM platform, HKVCA became more interactive with their members and could communicate with them in a more efficient way. For example, members could register for events online by with a click of a button versus registering via the telephone
  • All customer information collected online is automatically captured onto the CRM platform, so that HKVCA are now able to access more statistic reporting for event(s) and therefore, they can conduct further analyse on what they want to achieve in the future
  • The whole process from event registration to invoice billing and make the payment became more seamless and transparent




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