Tung Fat Ho Building Material Limited

About Tung Fat Ho Building Material Limited

Tung Fat Ho Building Material Limited first opened their retail shop in 1950. The business at that time focused on selling timber products. Over the years, the company has established a reputation as one of the leading ironmongeries suppliers, providing door locking control, access control, automation systems and museum-standard display hanging systems

Company Mission

  • To engage in designing, developing and marketing ironmongeries for construction and renovation projects
  • To provide clients with the best experience, all-round service
  • To secure the user’s safety by fitting architectural Ironmongery consideration and building regulations with professional knowledge


  • Traditional business systems demand that their owners look down. Cloud-based systems keep their owners looking up and out at the really important things
  • They also want to integrate with customer, sales and vendor. These were thinking that drew Tung Fat ho to Salesforce.com

Results & Benefits

  • The CRM system enabled the team to file sales reports online
  • The team could also feedback on the enterprise social networking tool ‘Chatter . This tool also acts as something of a morale booster. The team now feel like they are a part of the Tung Fat Ho community, which helps drive a positive change in company culture
  • It enhanced visibility and better communication
  • With improved visibility into customer profiles, the team were able to truly understand their needs, and sales could close more deals faster and enhance customer satisfaction




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