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1000+ Application Connectors

Consumer-Scale Platform

Remove Cost and Pains

No-code Intelligent Automations

Intuitive Interface to Design, Build and Manage Integrations

Build Integration and Automation

Single Platform for your Customers’ Needs

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Data Visualisation

Introv together with Workato to deliver modern integration to the iPaaS space which enables customers to build powerful workflow automations between business functions and meet new efficiency standards. 10X speed. Faster at every step.

Big Data Floating
Intelligent Cloud Services

Accelerate Time to Value

Organizations can quickly build recipes that best work for their business and automate the processes around it, providing the swift yet seamless experiences that end users demand today.

Intelligent Data Quality

Remove Cost and Pains

The software addresses potential integration challenges, users can make powerful app integration using a cost-effective approach. It costs ten times less than other full-featured integration services and even provides ten times faster integration and automation. Organizations can free employees up to spend more time on higher-value activities.

Data Governance & Compliance

Ensure your Integration Error-free

Users are guided through each process and step to ensure the integration is error-free. The intuitive error log document steps in your recipe while notifying you about the errors. This allows users to view the problems in the integrations, fix them immediately, run it, and delete it or continue. Users can even address bad data at sources instead of problems that attack the app.

Intelligent Master Data Management

Intuitive Interface to design, build and manage integrations

Helps anyone create integrations and automations, with no programming skills required. Our users range from business users, app admins, business analysts, operations to IT and developers.


Johnson & Johnson
HK Express
HK Ballet
Blue Box
Forever Couple
Chef's Garden

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