Performing Arts NGO ERP Package

Performing Arts NGO ERP Package, one of the cloud-based World-Class System. It offers a total solution to integrate all processes in one single platform that helps to streamline the business operations and accelerate business growth for future development.

Provider: Introv Limited
Language: English

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Performing Arts NGO ERP Package for NetSuite
Performing Arts NGO ERP Package provides a cloud-based World-Class System to streamline the business operations and accelerate business growth for future development. Base on the characteristic in Performing Arts NGO ecosystem, we created a total solution to integrate all processes, including CRM, Performance Production, Educational Activities & Fund-raising Event Management, Inventory Management, Finance & HR management, in one single system based on the features in Performing Arts NGO ecosystem.
Key Benefits
  • Seamless and simple start up as it is completely customized from native NetSuite
  • Reduce customization cost as the solution is 100% target for Performing Arts
  • Automates processes for greater efficiency
  • Tracking all the information in one platform
  • To centralize database with detail member/contact information for marketing & fund-raising event management
  • Quick information and report access time
  • Experienced implementation team
Customer Relationship Management
  • 360 degree of Member/Contact Relationship management
  • Activities tracking
  • Ticket Sales and complimentary tickets tracking
  • Donation & Sponsorship tracking
  • Marketing Automation
Production Performances, Activities & Event Management
  • Production & Performance Summary
  • Ticketing Management
  • Production casting management
  • Repertoire and Library Management
  • Fundraising Events with patrons, venue & table management
  • Educational Outreach Activities
  • Tracking Financial Income & Cost
Project Management
  • Project Plan and Tracking View
  • Project Tasks and Resource Management
  • Scheduling – sub-tasks timeline and status tracking
  • Project Financial Alert
Stock Management
  • Raw Material / End Product Stock Management
  • Inventory Control
Finance & HR
  • Accounting (Single entity) with job costing module
  • Budgeting
  • Expenses Claim Process
  • Pre-defined Saved search and Report for users to monitor the whole process and operations
  • Flexible Report builder & Saved search to enable user create reports by their needs

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