At Introv, we like to develop new ways of thinking to keep up with today’s fast paced business environment. We understand that not all businesses have the same needs or face the same challenges. That’s why we offer a list of comprehensive services to complement our digital transformation solutions. We do this because we believe it is essential to deliver a smooth and full-scale, 360 service offering.

IT Consultancy

Our IT consultants in Hong Kong and Taiwan offer you a fresh pair of eyes to help achieve your unique business goals whilst overcoming your challenges. We offer expert advices on how to operate your business better by digital transformations, and how to ultimately to grow and eliminate wastage.

Business Analysis

We can help identify any problems, potential opportunities and gaps within the service delivery and execution in all industries and in all sizes. We can also assist with consolidating your existing performance, review options for growth and diversification.

IT Strategy

Whether you already have an IT strategy or you’re looking for change, the team at Introv will guide and help put together an IT roadmap driven by your business goals, objectives and your growth plans. We will facilitate and streamline your business priorities, estimation, execution and continuity planning which will ultimately save time and money.

Cloud Services

We offer a variety of cloud services to suit of a variety of business needs. Whether you are a growing business or have limited office space for your IT infrastructure, you can access your data from anywhere, at any time, securely. It is time to go further, to go green and reduce your carbon footprint.

Project Management

Our project management service helps organisations apply project management and PMO practices to improve business performance. We can help you outline your business practice and disciplines and further utilise your leadership skills to break down silos, to better engage with stakeholders to ensure your initiatives are completed to scope, to schedule and within budget.


We offer a range of services that go beyond deployment, helping you plan, implement and integrate your solutions efficiently and effectively and in a way that makes sense to your business no matter you are running SPAC/IPO/Startups business in the Fintech, AI, software, manufacturing, property/rental management, logistics, food and beverage, fashion or pharmaceutical industry.


If you are looking for additional maintenance and support for your business, our Specialist Consultants are here to provide a service that will keep your systems up and running, 24×7 in an event of the unexpected.

Roll Out

Do you have an upcoming launch that needs to be deployed in multiple locations, but no resources to support it? Rolling out a new piece of software into your growing business should be exciting, but it can also be daunting at the same time. With careful planning and a highly experienced implementation team, we can help roll out your new software quickly and efficiently.


If your team is growing or whether you need a refresher course, get in touch with us. We offer comprehensive training support packages to suit all corners of the business function.

Adoption Support Only

We offer two types of Adoption services:

i) Software Adoption Only - We will assist with the entire process from planning, testing, implementation and evaluation

ii) User Adoption Only – We promote a user-friendly transition to suit the needs of your team and encourage user engagement

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is focus, and we understand that it is vital for companies to innovate. You can rest assured that we are here to help you succeed and transform your business. Speak to us about integrating new technologies; from mobile, app development to cloud computing or any of the above listed services.

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