At Introv, we are passionate about helping our customers drive innovation by improving & transforming their business from within. We partner with the world’s top leading software companies who share the same passion as us, bringing together innovative technology with strategic business and industry insights to drive growth for your business.

We have helped over 500+ companies take their business to the next level. Look no further! Choose from our world’s top solutions & start growing today!

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Generate & nurture leads
Personalised customer journey

Sell smarter, not harder

A comprehensive 360-degree overview of your business with the world’s top AI application.

Generate & nurture leads

Optimising your lead-nurturing processes will always enable your business to generate more sales-ready leads at lower cost

Deliver first class service

People appreciate personal services. Shoot for the stars and aim at exceeding customer expectations

Reduce search time

Improve team stickiness and cohesion by implementing a centralised data management system

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)

Enhance your organisation’s efficiency with the ultimate business ecosystem

Reduce human error

Centralising all your data in one single ERP platform reduces human error between units

Boost decision-making

Don’t only rely on your memory to stir up a gut-instinct decision. Get accurate insights instantly for your important decisions.

Change is inevitable

Protect your investment with our experienced consultants

Business agility

Equipped your organisation with our proven ERP to strengthen your business agility

Big Data (Business Intelligence and Analytics)

The key is not the data
It’s how to handle the data & what to do with the data

Be the Leader

Give yourself the competitive edge by keeping your ear to the ground

Time efficiency

We offer a truly intuitive, scalable business intelligence tool to the market

Your business’s full potential

Revolutionising the way you market to your customers

The heart of your business

We can help you mine large amounts of data in an efficient manner

Collaborative Tool

The importance of collaboration in today’s workplace.
Teamwork makes the dream work

Keep in the know

Connect more efficiently with your colleagues and other key stakeholders, no matter where they are, 24/7

Real-time collaboration

Work faster and smarter from anywhere, at any time with your employees, partners and vendors

Invisible IT that works

Never miss an appointment, deadline or be left behind

Go Green!

Reduce your company’s expenditures while reducing your carbon footprint

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