Introv ERP FAQ ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning,
but what does ERP mean?

1. What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

ERP is an application that automates and integrates business processes into one unified system to streamline processes, and foster information flow across the value chain in the entire organisation.

The core feature of the ERP platform is a centralised and shared robust database that collects inputs from all business functional departments from finance and accounting, sales management, procurement management, supply chain management, inventory management, business intelligence, e-commerce to customer relationship management and more. This improves the efficiency and visibility of the cross departmental collaboration.

2. What are the differences between True Cloud and Fake Cloud?

3. Is NetSuite Cloud ERP a True Cloud Solution?

4. Does Oracle NetSuite support multi-languages and tax compliance across multiple countries?

5. What types and size of companies does Introv and Oracle NetSuite cater to?

6. What is the price of Oracle NetSuite license?

7. What is included in the Oracle NetSuite license price?

8. Who will provide my support?

9. How do I transfer from an on-premise system to the cloud?

10. How can I navigate the challenges in implementing a cloud-based system with limited in-house expertise?

11. What partnership does Introv have with Oracle NetSuite?


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