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QUICK SUCCESS PACKAGES Designed to support modern businesses, the Quick Success Package includes
ERP, CRM, PSA, Omni-channel commerce and Business Intelligence.

01 Order to Cash

Functions & Features:

Order Entry Process Management

Fulfillment Management

Drop ship and Special Order Management

Return Material Authorisations

Shipping Management

Real-time Pricing

Real-time Stock Level

Print Out:


Sales Order


02 Procure to Pay

Functions & Features:

Purchase Order Management

Purchasing/Vendor Management

Order Items (Suggested Order qty base on Re-ordering points/Safety Stock Level and Back order qty)

Purchase Receipt

Vendor Centre

Vendor Returns

Print Out:

Purchase Order

03 Inventory Management

Functions & Features:

Item Management

Price Schedules, Levels & Quantity Pricing

Kits and Item Groups

Matrix Items (e.g. Colour & Size)

Multi-location Inventory

Bin Management

Avg. or FIFO Costing

Multiple UOM

Stock Movement

Item Fulfillment

Item Receipt

Inventory Adjustment

Print Out:

Picking Tickets

Packing Slips & Return Forms

Shipment Labels

04 Financial Accounting

Functions & Features:

Auto General Ledger Impact

Setup of One Consistent COA

General Accounting Setup

Accounting Period Management

Setup and Configuration of Opening Account Balances

Accounts Receivable



Customer Credits

Accounts Payable



Vendor Credits

Setup of One Basic Budget

Single General Ledger

Single Physical Warehouse

Standard Financial Reports:

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement

Trial Balance

General Ledger

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“Now we have a single way of communicating information across the company, having transparency over our purchase orders, our products, our transactions and how the Company is performing at any given point in time.”

“We have different subsidiaries across the world but the main office is in Hong Kong, so most of the operations are running in Hong Kong or also for other subsidiaries. [NetSuite] One-World really helps us out a lot.”

“There’s a saying as ‘Change or Die’. We felt we were a few generations behind where a lot of our peers were. And from the beginning of the process Introv was there to support us and help us with this kind of conversion to this new platform.”

“After adopting this ERP system our efficiency has improved. The time saved is essential for us, especially in regards to our company development.”

“We chose Introv because we wanted to develop unique apps specifically designed for our company and industry. We realised that [introv] had vast amounts of knowledge and experience, that would enable our company to grow. Very much like a one-stop-shop, they offered total solutions, and were able to solve problems instantly.”

“What we needed was a comprehensive system for data processing which was capable of integrating  data without causing confusion amongst the team. This was the main reason as to why we adopted the ERP and CRM system. We were looking for higher efficiency and a systematic process.”

“We chose Introv because their cloud services is very flexible. Also due to the fact that our marketing model is pretty much different from 95% of the industry out there, we needed a company that could offer us a tailor made system, that fit our needs.”

“We finally picked Introv because they seemed to be professional enough and they had a good track record in the industry, as well as knowledgeable skills and consultants that could help us, lead us through the way.”




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