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As digital transformation and strategic innovation are reshaping the business environment & practices, organisations from all industries are now facing new challenges in terms of organisational efficiency and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

At Introv, we offer a well-rounded, one-solution ERP platform that can be implemented throughout your entire business. From lowing the cost of running a business overall, reducing mundane processes and systems, aiding better decision making, improving data accuracy and project planning, we have the ERP system of your dreams.

We are here to help guide you through your business challenges – whatever they may be. What’s more? As your business grows, you can rest assured that our ERP solution will grow with you.

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THE NECESSITY OF ERPBoost productivity & growth by facilitating information flow & coordinate resources & activities

01 Achieve operational excellence by streamlining your business processes

Reduce human error & accelerate your sales activities

Centralising all your data in one single, flexible intuitive ERP platform allows all business units in yourmore organisation to easily access and update information. This all in one business management solution is also highly configurable to your unique business model.

From initial contact to the actual sale, our ERP solution reduces human error between departments, seamless and time-optimised customer experience, which builds customer loyalty and increases reputation.

Shape and build a sustainable, thriving business

From building high-performing lead generation to discovering strong revenuemore potential opportunities, Introv’s well-rounded ERP solution enables your organisation to steadily feed its sales pipeline with constant updates into a single database that is accessible by the whole organisation.

A healthy and always updating database is the key factor to shape and build a sustainable, thriving business.

02 Achieve successful & steady growth by making the right decisions

Boost decision-making with accurate insights

Don’t only rely on your memory to stir up a gut-instinct decision. Don’t get stuck scramblingmore through old emails, or waiting for data to make it through between different business units and business systems.

Make the most out of Introv's ERP solution to get instant access to real-time information updated by all business units across your organisation. You can also look at past decisions which may inspire you with a more cost effective or better solution. When competitions are getting tougher than ever before, it’s becoming essential for executives to know exactly what is going on in their business, right now, at this moment.

Change is inevitable. Future-proof your ERP investment with scalability

Challenges you will face as your business expands: how is my system going to respond withmore increased amount of data? Is it going to deliver in multiple computing environments? What if I have double the amount of users?

Protect your investment with our experienced consultants. We are here to guide you to the best implementation that is unique to your business. Our insights of ERP’s flexibility is here to support your business today and the future.

03 Keep up with the pace for existing & future businesses to root

Accelerate business agility & responsiveness

The Internet has accelerated the pace of change. Every industry is subject to this disruption.more Introv’s ERP solution enables your organisation to optimise a 360-degree business insights, including mission-critical business processes, real-time visibility into performance, and tacking finance reporting.

Equipped your organisation with our proven ERP to strengthen your business agility and to adapt quickly to the shifts in the environment.

Operational harmony leads to innovation

Our ERP solution allows you to reevaluate your business processes, realising what procedure ismore hindering efficiency and holding back improvement. Let our experienced consultants show you another perspective, find things that are at risk, and the best practice in your industry.

The power of our ERP solution all business units at all level to be able to work together to increase operational harmony, and thus drives innovation.

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“There’s a saying as ‘Change or Die’. We felt we were a few generations behind where a lot of our peers were. And from the beginning of the process Introv was there to support us and help us with this kind of conversion to this new platform.”

“After adopting this ERP system our efficiency has improved. The time saved is essential for us, especially in regards to our company development.”

“We chose Introv because we wanted to develop unique apps specifically designed for our company and industry. We realised that [introv] had vast amounts of knowledge and experience, that would enable our company to grow. Very much like a one-stop-shop, they offered total solutions, and were able to solve problems instantly.”

“What we needed was a comprehensive system for data processing which was capable of integrating  data without causing confusion amongst the team. This was the main reason as to why we adopted the ERP and CRM system. We were looking for higher efficiency and a systematic process.”

“We chose Introv because their cloud services is very flexible. Also due to the fact that our marketing model is pretty much different from 95% of the industry out there, we needed a company that could offer us a tailor made system, that fit our needs.”

“We finally picked Introv because they seemed to be professional enough and they had a good track record in the industry, as well as knowledgeable skills and consultants that could help us, lead us through the way.”

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