Covid-19 has disrupted normal business operations, and each business faces its own challenges.

  • More companies switching to WFH, how you can ensure employees can access the ERP / HRM system anytime anywhere and maintain business operation and continuity.
  • Using separate systems for your business operations, the data is usually silos that increase error rate, slow down the efficiency.
  • Lots of employees have been diagnosed and there’s insufficient front-line staff to maintain business operation.
  • Dozens or even hundreds of employees have been diagnosed during the peak period of the epidemic. The HR team & finance team need spend much time and resources to accurately calculate the sick leave allowance and issue in time, and synchronize it to the ERP system for analysis.
  • According to the analysis report from ERP system, catering / retailing businesses need to switch to hybrid employment types(full-time/part-time/rehire) to adapt to the fast changing economy.

How can you solve these challenges? All you need is to have an agile, flexible and scalable business management platform- Oracle NetSuite ERP as the backbone together with the one-stop attendance to payroll HRM platform – Workstem.

It doesn’t only provide a unified platform to centralise and synchronise all data and workflows for more accurate records and real-time reporting and analysis, but also improve the operational efficiency and financial control through digitising and automating the HR and finance functions. It also provides a way for employees to submit attendance/leave/expenses application anywhere anytime through mobile APP easily, and a new way for the management easily to control labor cost by switch to hybrid employment types(full-time/part-time/rehire) to adapt to the fast changing economy. This helps the management to make strategic decisions and improve business agility in times of urgent change.

Join us to hear how Introv x Oracle NetSuite x Workstem can help our customers gain sustainable competitive advantage and move to the next stage.

Join Us

Time : 14:30 – 15:30
Date : April 22nd, 2022


14:30 – 14:40: Welcoming & Introducing of Introv & Workstem
14:40 – 15:00: Manage Workforce and Payroll by Workstem AI Driven HRM Platform
15:00 – 15:20: Drive Business Strategy and Growth with Oracle NetSuite
15:20 – 15:30: Q&A

Note: Agenda is subject to change. The webinar will be conducted in Cantonese.


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