We had an excellent Breakfast Roundtable event this morning on “Fueling Growth through Automation in Real Estate .” Thank you to our insightful guest speakers: Mr. Jordan Kostelac, Dr. Darron Sun, Ms. Vivien Hui,  discussed how we can leverage technology for company growth.

Attendees gained valuable insights into 2024 market trends and learned about industry trends and strategies to excel in the Hong Kong Real Estate Dynamic Sector.

💡 Key takeaways include:
1. How the real estate industry is increasingly adopting technology, including property management software, IoT devices, and smart building solutions.
2. Explore how tenant preferences and expectations are changing, and how technology plays a role in meeting these new demands.
3. Understand how digital automation can streamline property management operations, drive real-time visibility and encourage data driven decision making leading to cost savings and increased efficiency.

Thank you again to our speakers and attendees for an engaging discussion on the future of real estate. Here’s to gaining actionable insights and forging new partnerships!


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