Delivering new features to customers to operate all over the world, NetSuite 2022 Release 1 offers added capabilities companies need to position themselves for future success.


Cash 360 dashboard:

To fully manage your current and future cash position, Cash 360 dashboard provides a real-time view of your cash position and generate fast and accurate near-term cash flow forecasts. A configurable dashboard simplifies cash management like monitoring receivables, payables, and available cash in real time. Current cash flow trends and a rolling six-month cash flow forecast can be viewed in just one click. Having multiple data points, like new funding sources, planned expenditures, billing schedules and sales forecasts, with open AR and AP transactions, an accurate and realistic financial forecast can be built in ensuring the business’ s future.

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Cash 360 dashboard

Intercompany accounting process automation: To eliminate reporting errors, NetSuite enables finance and accounting teams to identify and link intercompany purchase orders and sales orders, as well as to pair vendor invoices automatically with credit memos and bill credits in this release.

Project 360 dashboard:

The new Project 360 dashboard connects all aspects of a project into a single workspace within SuiteProjects and gives project managers visibility into all project-related information. NetSuite makes it easy for project managers who oversee multiple projects to manage all data related to clients, project, resources and financials in one go. All information and important KPI includes actuals vs. budget and consultant utilization, as well as focus pages for more detailed KPI views and actionable links to take corrective or proactive measures with the help of exception alerts can be shown under this dashboard.

New features for NetSuite WMS:

New features released under the NetSuite Warehouse Management System contain more control on single and multi-order picking processes,

Zone pick and merge function: Empowers warehouse managers to define and assign pickers to specific zones that work best for merging items for staging, limiting picker movement, avoiding redundant work, increasing flexibility for any order volumes, different product sizes and different numbers of pickers.

Search and print item labels from any screen function: Supports warehouse managers with this implementation, as well as knowing the picking status of orders and waves, wave filtering and the ability to release multiple waves in a single action.

New tally scan function: Items will be counted as they’re scanned and this applies to bin putaway items, inventory transfer and cycle counting tracking.

Pack Station enhancements: Users can now change weight units between pounds and kilograms and check packing instructions before they start packing, or bulk pack and unpack “Ship As Is” items and select the quantity for bulk packing.

NetSuite Pack Station packing instructions

For new functionality designed to help manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, retail services, software, nonprofit business turn operational pressure into profit, please check below:

Software Companies/Startups
Wholesale Distributors
Retail Services
Professional Services Project Management

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