New features on NetSuite Smart Count are released!

Wanting to get rid of the expensive, labor-intensive, and time consuming tools to conduct Inventory counts?

This inventory counting solution is your life-saver on automating inventory counts without freezing transactions, minimizing the impact on operations.

Integrated with NetSuite Inventory Management, it is designed for use on a mobile device, ensuring ease of use and flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Auto-alert on Live Counting:
    Administrators are able to manage accurate counts without disrupting sales. Administrators can choose what happens if the on-hand quantity changes for an item during the count process, for example, allow counter to select an option, force recount or continue without alert.
  • Advanced Visibility:
    Organizations can automate the count process by providing lists of items that need to be counted using predefined criteria, business rules, and key drivers.
  • Automated Recounts:
    Helps organizations minimize unnecessary replenishment by automatically triggering a count to check the accuracy of a given bin if the inventory level falls below the reorder point.
  • Centralized Information:
    Helps organizations efficiently manage the cycle counting process by providing visibility into all the items due to be counted in a location.
  • Mobile Access anywhere:
    Helps organizations increase count accuracy and minimize time required to complete counts by using a handheld mobile device and barcodes.

Source: NetSuite

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