Are you looking to revolutionize your contract management, lease renewal management and enhance security? Look no further! Discover the game-changing benefits of Introv X NineSmart all-in-one self-storage leasing and QR Code self-service access control solution. Optimize your operations, enhance security, and gain valuable insights to propel your business forward. Embrace the future of storage management today!

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Introv Self-Storage Solution

Cloud Rental Platform
Tenant 360 & Property 360

– Financial Management
– Tenant Portal
– Customer Relationship Management
– Rent Charges Engine and Billing Forecast Schedule

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NineSmart QR Code Access Control Solution

Smart Access
Cloud-based access control app

– Scan the QR code or use the virtual button to unlock mini storage remotely
– Create temporary QR codes and allow visitors to gain self-access to mini storage
– Add QR code to e-wallet
– Set user permissions in admin panel

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Additional Function:

Smart Display
Tablet App

– Install a tablet in the main entrance of mini storage
– Present tenant or visitor QR code to the tablet to gain access to the mini storage
– Press the e-doorbell or start a video intercom with the receptionist

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Success Case

Local Mini Storage Chains
Achieve 24×7 business with Smart Access

– Integrate with existing systems through Open API
– Gain access to mini storage without the need for staff assistance
– View real-time access records from different branches

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