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Hei Design Ltd, named with the Chinese character “囍” consisting of two “喜” , connotes double happiness.

Hei Design interiors with one-stop interior design services, from home design, commercial interior design, furniture customisation to renovation and construction.

Based in Hong Kong since 2007 with three showrooms and a team of professionals, Hei Design interiors and bespoke furniture with aproactive, solution-delivering, and caring approach. They are excited to serve clients who dream big about the aesthetics and potential of spaces and, after all, love celebrating life as they do.

Always guided by their mission “Crafting Happiness”, they are aspired to fulfill their clients’ expectations by leveraging effective communication, while ensuring the balance between aesthetics, pragmatic space allocation, and resource efficiency. Over the years, under their client’s endorsement of their service excellence, they have collected a significant amount of accolades – being accredited by the global benchmark authority SGS and honoured with numerous international and local interior design and service awards. Their clients can rest assured about their service reliability and comprehensiveness with these credentials.


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