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Imperial Enterprises Holdings Limited, established in 2018 with a focus on producing high-quality pastries in its own factory in Hong Kong. They opened the first Imperial Patisserie retail shop in 2019 and joined forces with the Great Eagle Group in 2022 to establish Ming Artisan, a contemporary light luxury brand by Imperial Patisserie, infusing quality living into pastries. Their Michelin-starred Master Chef Team has meticulously handpicked quality organic ingredients, to bringing out the natural tastes and create a wide range of products including Snowy Cookies Series, Palmiers Series, Children’s Pastries Series and Sweets Series. Ming Artisan presents you with an array of pastry products featuring colorful, stylish, simplistic yet exquisite design packaging, offering you a gastronomic experience combined with elegant lifestyle.

The founder of Imperial Enterprises Holdings Limited, Dr. Martin Yim, is passionate about creating high-quality pastries and promoting them worldwide while carrying forward the spirit of “Made in Hong Kong.” To achieve this vision, he invited two Master Chefs to join the team: Master Chef Yip Wing Wah, the founder of The Peninsula Hotel’s custard mooncakes, and Master Chef Lai Wing Koon, a Michelin 2-starred chef and the only inheritor of Chef Yip Wing Wah. The Michelin-starred chefs’ team carefully selects natural ingredients to create a series of high-quality pastry products, including mooncakes, Michelin Palmiers, Honeycomb egg rolls, crispy cookies, and the Tonggwoji series, ensuring customers can enjoy only the highest quality treats.

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