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"Top Weal has partnered with Introv to embrace digital transformation through implementing NetSuite ERP."

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Top Weal Ltd founded in 1996, with over 20 years of experience in fresh food industry. They are a leading importer, wholesaler, packer, distributor and influencer in this industry.

In the past two decades, they source diverse varieties over the world, partners with over 120 farms and exporters around the world in order to select a wide variety of fresh produce with stable sourcing, high nutritional value, and social responsibility for our customers in Hong Kong.

They had strong selling network, supply for Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market and distribute product through consignment counter in over 40 supermarket and online shop. The packing center in Hong Kong office with sophisticated packing machines, can pack the product upon customer request.

Q1: What’s your selective criteria when you look for a system / solution?

Kenneth: NetSuite is a cloud solution. It is reliable with many successful cases. It is flexible , scalable and it is easy to integrate with other systems. and the native multiple companies to gain me real-time visibility on P&L by each company and also consolidate view by Top Weal Group. 

Q2: What results do you expect after implementing the system and how useful it is to you?

Kenneth: It will be a single platform for information providing real-time data for the team without duplicate data inputting and we expect a high degree of information transparency. Based on different users’ requirements, they can also have their own dashboard and reports. It enhances the collaboration and workflows among different teams. It’s easy to use and configurable reports by user level.

Q3: Based on your experience with Introv and the NetSuite platform, what would you tell someone who’s considering our business?

Kenneth: If you are considering an ERP platform, you’ll need a professional team like Introv. There are a lot of successful ERP implementations by Introv. Both Introv and NetSuite are well-known in the industry and they are reliable, trustworthy partners. That’s why we picked Introv and NetSuite.

Q4: How did you come to the decision to choose Introv as your Business Growth Partner?

Kenneth: As you all know, the ERP platform is very important to a company.but from our business, we think the investment on ERP is costly and there is no need to change as we have run the traditional business for more than 20 years. It’s very heavy on people and their experience.

However, Introv proposed a phase strategy, to solve our business pain point at that time as we are planning to restructure our company. We enjoyed the benefit from system standardisation and decided to roll out to the Group’s operation and centre procurement. We need an experienced, reliable and trustworthy partner and that’s why we choose Introv as our Business Growth Partner.


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