About SmallRig

SmallRig is a camera photography equipment shop established since 2010. They have their own professional design team, and thus can provide product that you need or love.

Company Mission

  • To provide a good online shopping experience towards all the customers, especially those from overseas, and offer products that nowadays people desire


  • The functionality of their original way unable to fulfill their business needs along with the changing time
  • There is a big impact on customer relationship and sales revenue as the previous website is often be blocked and cannot be accessed in oversea, however, SmallRig is doing the worldwide business
  • Impact on the productivity, without any supply chain systems, all the operations need to be handled manually
  • Many ideas to enhance the online service to their closed customers, such as co-design submission and vote, automation on the submission, and etc. However, the current system is not flexible enough to support these ideas
  • Lack of real-time analysis tools and thus they have no way to understand more on customers’ preference and provide a better design for the market
  • Time consuming to extract order summary for goods delivery, which means may not be able to afford a big order

Project Goal

  • To continuous improve their website, including loading time and stability

Results & Benefits

  • Introv has provided webstore template on NetSuite platform, so SmallRig is not necessary to tailor made and design from scratch and so build the webstore easily. And it is hosted by NetSuite and supported by world-class platform; all the oversea users can access it with high service level agreement
  • With the centralized and integrated platform between online store and back end supply chain system, SmallRig can now manage all the products and sales orders in one single system. All the process can be assigned automatically without any more manual work. This definitely can increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • They can now do market segmentation for a higher business profit.

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