About DBK Technology Limited

DBK Technology Limited incorporated 1989 in Hong Kong is focusing on manufacturing and sales of PTC heating elements for companies basically manufacturing household and beauty appliances, automotive, rail and industrial components. With own manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou, DBK Technology Limited is serving at large scale OEM manufacturers of household appliances in South China and worldwide. One of DBK’s most important goals is to guarantee high customer satisfaction in the long term. Their processes need to be understood, mastered and continuously developed to avoid errors right from the start and to guarantee highest quality levels.

Company Mission

  • To develop customised solutions for the automotive industry Worldwide


  • Lack of Centralised Customer Profile: With dispersed information on customer profile, buying history, feedback status and product selection, sales were difficult to understand key customer’s need
  • Inefficient Sales Management: Lack of sales force automation made it inefficient to manage sales productivity and quality of the sales cycle
  • High Service Costs: Support team was unable to access customer information anytime, anywhere to drive customer satisfaction and retention
  • Low Visibility in Marketing Performance: The Company was looking for complete insight into marketing programs and real-time measurement of ROI of lead generation programs

Results & Benefits

  • Improved Sales Performance: With a true 360-degree view of the customer, including support cases and back-office information such as contracts and inventory, sales reps and managers gain better insight to sell, upswell, drive renewals, and properly set customer expectations
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: NetSuite enables a high-quality, high-touch experience for customers while reducing the cost of customer care with a robust knowledge base in a customer portal
  • Accelerated Cash Flow: NetSuite maximises cash flow while reducing unnecessary paperwork and errors, achieving strong fiscal control based on up-to-date plans
  • Increased Marketing ROI: NetSuite’s marketing automation software automates entire marketing process, allowing higher ROI by better alignment of campaigns and programs with sales teams

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