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"Share for Good has partnered with Introv to embrace digital transformation by implementing NetSuite centralized donor management system."

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New World Launches Hong Kong’s First Large-scale Crowd-donation Platform “Share for Good”. Initiated by New World Development, and launched in collaboration with Yan Chai Hospital and logistics companies Lalamove and SF Express Hong Kong, Share for Good instantly matches donors with the urgent needs of local communities online and, through 120 participating NGOs, facilitates safe and efficient delivery of supplies to all those in need. Share for Good welcomes all individuals and corporations to become part of its mission of sharing love and giving back.

How the solution benefits / expectation of Share for Good:

Q1. How did you come to the decision to choose as your Business Growth Partner?
Choosing the right implementation partner for an ERP platform is a crucial decision for any organization, especially when considering a transition from traditional business practices to a more modern system like Oracle NetSuite ERP. It’s understandable that their value experience, expertise in the NGO market,  reliability, and trustworthiness, given their successful track record of running a traditional business.

Q2. How did you ultimately decide on Introv to implement your organization’s NetSuite solution?
Introv proposed a phase strategy to address the NGO business pain point our company was experiencing. During the demonstration phase, the content presented by Introv met 70% of our company’s needs at that time. As a result, our company enjoyed the benefits of the system standardization and made the decision to roll out the solution to our business operations.

As one of Oracle NetSuite’s important Solution Partners and 10 years of implementation experience, Introv likely has a deep understanding of the NetSuite platform and it’s capability. Their expertise in implementing NetSuite solutions can be a valuable asset in ensuring a successful implantation of the ERP system for our organization.

Q3. How long did the implementation cycle take? Did you encounter any challenges during this process? How would you evaluate Introv’s performance throughout the implementation?

We officially kicked off the implementation on August 9, 2022, and the process went very smoothly. Despite it being the covid-19 period of the epidemic at that time, the Introv team maintained regular online meetings with us to keep track of the progress. We are currently planning to begin User Acceptance Testing (UAT) at the end of October 2022 and anticipate an official launch at the beginning of this year.

What are your suggestions and expectations for Introv in regards to our future plans, specifically the second phase of the project?

We are currently preparing to integrate all data from our digital platform, including websites and apps, into NetSuite, aiming for complete digitalization. We have invited Introv to collaborate on implementing the second phase with us, as we hope to leverage their practical experience and identify areas for improvement. Our goal is to enhance operational efficiency and service quality to align with our Share For Good development speed.

Through technology innovation and strategic collaboration, Introv and NetSuite have created an efficient and impactful new model for resource distribution – helping scale good for nonprofits and donors alike.


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