Amzon (HK) Limited

About Amzon (HK) Limited

Established in 2005, Amzon specialises in designing and creating interactive, multimedia exhibits and showrooms that provide unique experiences

Company Mission

  • To be a total solutions provider from design concept, production and installation stage


  • For 10 years, Amzon used Excel for quotation and invoicing. During this time, the data became messy and confusing due to the growing workforce and the number of customers
  • Business growth inhibited as all existing and potential customer’s data was organised unsystematically
  • In the event of the server going down, all data and artwork would be lost. This would increase staff workload and lower their productivity
  • The company knew what they needed for their business, but just didn’t know how to achieve it

Project Goal

  • To be more systematic, grow continuously and expand market share

Results & Benefits

  • NetSuite’s cloud based CRM and ERP provided more security on data storage
  • A cost effective solution which is an ideal partner for their business development
  • Increased customer satisfaction, generated more opportunities, and improved the ‘close deal rate’ as the ERP platform provided a single platform that enabled easier to follow up
  • Lower data errors, enhance effectiveness and efficiency, and higher productivity via the centralised system




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