Homag China Golden Field Limited

About Homag China

Founded in 1979, the company distributes European woodworking machines to furniture, construction, material and wood industries.

Headquartered out of Kunshan City, the company also have offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Dongguan, Chengdu and Hangzhou. The company opened its first indoor showroom of wood industry in China, which is the show platform for advanced woodworking technology and machinery.


  • Selling cycle has been delayed by ineffective communication between sales and back-office, and it is not cost effective to own a server & IT team
  • Hard to integrate customers’ activities & requirements due to decentralised departments
  • Takes more than a month for top management to have a daily report due to lengthy report finalising
  • Slow response rate, complaint handling due to ineffective departmental coordination

Project Goal

  • To provide solutions to help clients better manage the production process by using software instead of hardware

Results & Benefits

  • Salesforce enabled real-time visibility, allowing the team to drill into sales activities, quota achievements and collaboration through one CRM platform for sales & back-office, which can improve customer satisfaction, better up-sell and cross-selling
  • The easy-to-use reporting and dashboard function saved a lot of time when it came to generating reports, as a result the team could focus more on the strategic planning and other key areas of the business
  • The flexible platform resulted in better collaboration between teams, for example, the engineering and project teams




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